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The City Council of Trondheim decided in 2011 to start a Multipurpose Dialocenter for information – We started with one employ with responsibility to make detail plans for work and cooperation parterres. Our first addressee was at Søndre gate 7. Initially we had invited several Diaspora organizations to come with their contributions on how we should work further. It has been our primary goal from the beginning that we should work groups of people who have a difficulty in integration into the Society. Our focus has been on how parents can be better parents in Trondheim. It is necessary for people to have a good knowledge of Norway and Norway, Trondheim and how our society functions in general in order to function in a satisfactory manner.
The Center has eventually been able to increase its stuff to 3.5 posittions which equals to 4 employees. We now on permanent course on information to individuals persons. Dialogsenter was initially started to strengthen integration work in Trondheim Municipality. It is also an arena for contact and dialogue between the Diaspora, foreigners, government authorities and the general public.
FIDS er et senter som er opprettet for å styrke kommunens integreringsarbeid. Vi skal være en møteplass for kontakt og dialog mellom innvandrere, myndigheter og majoritetsbefolkningen.

The Centre is financed by The Municipality of Trondheim.

  • It is our wish to be a meeting place for contact, dialogue, information and cooperation between the authorities and the Diaspora environment in Trondheim.
  • The Centre emphasis that participants play a role influence choices on topics central to our work.
  • The Centre is a supplement to the existing services and directs the public to the correct instances.
  • We don´t work with individual cases.
  • We focus on change of attitudes and work on preventive information.
  • Our discussions are mainly based on inclusion, health issues, equality, school and home cooperation, family, force and extreme control etc.
  • We offer meeting rooms to our cooperating partners

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Erlings Skakkes gate 49b - No 3
Entrance from Kalvskinns street
7011 Trondheim - Norway
Phone: (+47) 952 63 790


Monday - Friday
9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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